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International Emergency Medicine Program

International Training Opportunities for EM Residents

Our Core Values of 
Health Care Equality

  • Access to Emergency Medical Care is a universal human right.
  • Health care should be tailored to the needs of those receiving it.
  • Integration with local health care providers is crucial to the success of any international health care initiative.
  • The quality of care should constantly be evaluated using the principals of evidence based practice.

The International Emergency Medicine Program provides international training opportunities to all Baystate Emergency Medicine residents.

By forming relationships with institutions and individuals that share our core values, we maintain active collaborative programs in countries around the world, including Romania, Mexico, Argentina, Haiti and Jamaica.  These programs are available to all residents and medical students in the Tufts/Baystate Health system. Some of our international sites are shown on Baystate's Global Health initiative page.

Our faculty have extensive experience working, teaching and doing research abroad.  Recently our staff have been involved in projects in Vietnam, Italy, Haiti, Chad, Ghana and Nepal - just to name a few. 

We Are Committed to Teaching Emergency Medicine to Communities Around the World

Our vision for improved health care throughout the world means that we are actively involved in international conferences and other educational activities.  We also offer a 1-year International Emergency Medicine fellowship program.

We sponsor the Inter-American Emergency Medicine Conference in Buenos Aires,  Argentina - the largest such conference in Latin America. More than 2,500 physicians from throughout the Americas attended this world class conference each year. We regularly offer our international partners numerous stand-alone courses such as Emergency Ultrasound, Toxicology and Emergency Electrocardiography.

International Emergency Medicine Residency Track for Non-U.S. Physicians

More than 10 years ago, we accepted our first international resident into our fifth residency class.  He went on to a successful career in the field, and is helping to spread the word about the importance of emergency medicine in the overall health care system.  

Today, we accept 2 emergency medicine residents from Saudi Arabia each year.  In the future, we hope to offer this track to citizens of others countries.  

We value the opportunity to train these physicians, knowing that these graduates will likely play pivotal roles in the development of the health care system in their own countries. This is a unique opportunity to train a vanguard of emergency physicians all over the world. 

We have maintained our 12 residency positions per year to train much needed emergency medicine physicians for the U.S., and have added 2 slots per year to accommodate this track.

Contact Information

Director, International Emergency Medicine Program
Aaron Hexdall, MD
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IEM Fellowship

Our 1-year International Emergency Medicine fellowship provides excellent fieldwork opportunities for teaching, clinical work and research.