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Nurse Residency Program Curriculum Overview

Whether you are a BSN grad or an AD grad enrolled in a BSN program, our Nurse Residency Program helps support you in your development as a professional nurse and a respected member of the health care team. The curricula of the two tracks have a great deal in common. There are specific curricula for the 2-year AD RN-BSN track and the 1-year BSN grad track.

Common Nurse Residency Curriculum

The curriculum, developed by the University HealthSystem Consortium and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, emphasizes critical thinking, evidence-based practice and leadership.

Through monthly educational seminars, simulation sessions, mentored clinical relationships, and a Capstone research project you will learn about and develop skills in:

  • Communication, teamwork and leadership
  • Anticipation, recognition, and management of changing patient conditions
  • Pain management and end-of-life care
  • Patient outcomes
  • Evidence-based practice, nursing quality and nursing research
  • Conflict resolution
  • Ethical decision-making
  • Cultural competence

Expectations of Nurse Residents

  • Commit to a predetermined work schedule.
  • Attend all learning activities scheduled and complete assignments within established timeframes
  • Partner with preceptor and develop and utilize mentoring relationships that promote professional development
  • Actively engage in learning experiences
  • Complete tools and forms for demographic information, outcome measures, and evaluations of courses, instructors, and preceptors
  • Maintain all personal records for orientation and professional development as required by the organization
  • Complete and present evidence base practice Capstone Project (2013-2014 Nurse Residents' projects)
  • Demonstrate safe patient care behaviors and leadership skills


This track is designed for associate degree nurses (ADNs) with a registered nursing license who are enrolled in a RN-BSN bridge program.

AD RN-BSN Track-specific Curriculum

BSN Graduate Track

This track is for nurses who have newly graduated with a BSN degree and have never been employed in an RN role.

New BSN Graduate Track-specific Curriculum