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AD RN-BSN Track Curriculum

This 2-year AD RN-BSN Track supports ADN graduates as they earn their BSN degree-the first step towards preparing them to the full partners on the health care team and advancing into leadership positions.

Our AD RN-BS Nurse Residency Program supports you in your personal and professional growth by providing:

  • Consistent BSN matriculation support
  • Tracking of your academic progress to meet the goal of attaining you Bachelor degree in Nursing within the designated time allotted
  • Eligibility for up to 208 hours of paid education time to complete your RN-BSN Bridge program
  • Guidance from dedicated, BSN-trained preceptors 
  • Hands-on clinical experience to develop your confidence in clinical nursing practice
  • Ongoing professional development opportunities
  • Freedom to select the RN-BS Bridge program of your choice
    Current Academic Partners
    • Elms College
    • University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Additional partnerships are currently being added. 

Additional Expectations of AD RN-BSN Nurse Residents

AD RN-BSN residents are required to meet all expectations in the common curriculum. In addition, they must:

  • Commit to a predetermined work schedule.
  • Academic program enrollment and completion of RN-BS degree.

Progress and Evaluation

Progress and evaluation is conducted on the academic and BH workforce calendar.  Each semester, you will have a formal meeting with your manager and educator to discuss academic progress, course planning, and check in on academic goals.  

Performance evaluations are conducted as scheduled per unit manager at the first 90 days of employment, 6 months of employment, and annually thereafter.