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Pediatric Acting Internship

Director:  Jackson Williams, MD

Location:   Baystate Medical Center, 759 Chestnut Street, Springfield, MA

Note: Once registered, this rotation may not be dropped.


This elective will prepare the student for the responsibility they will have as interns working in a pediatric hospital setting.


The student will…

  • function as an acting intern under a supervisory resident and pediatric hospitalist in one of four inpatient teams.
  • act as the primary doctor for their patients, know their patients thoroughly, and develop their own management plans on their patients.
  • present their patients and to have considered differential diagnosis and management plans on their patients during daily resident and hospitalist lead family centered/bedside rounds.
  • attend all conferences with interns and senior residents including daily core conference, Grand Rounds, subspecialty rounds, radiology rounds, and mock codes/simulation experiences.
  • prepare a semi-formal educational presentation during attending rounds.
  • present a case during morning report 1-2 times per rotation.
  • become knowledgeable about common pediatric inpatient conditions, learn differential diagnosis and management of these conditions, and learn how to work through more difficult and complicated cases.


A specific program should be designed at least 2 weeks in advance by contacting Kathy Hall at 413-794-5084 or  If you need specific weekend or holiday days off, please make arrangements for this at least 4 weeks in advance. Otherwise, you will be expected to take call with your team.


Course Number






4 weeks



Hours per Week





Night Call/Weekends


On call every fourth night, including weekends.






2 students per Block



Alternate Dates



Yes, at the discretion of the Director







On-Campus Housing


Available on a first-come, first-served basis

 Prerequisite: Successful completion of Pediatric Clerkship.


If you would like to apply for this elective, please refer to Application Process.


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