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Schwartz Center Rounds

Dedicated to strengthening the relationship between patients and caregivers

Baystate Medical Center sponsors Schwartz Center Rounds once a month. These Rounds provide an open forum for caregivers to discuss difficult emotional and social issues that arise in caring for patients. The interactive and interdisciplinary nature of Schwartz Rounds allows participants to benefit from a mutual sharing of experiences, thoughts and feelings with the broad range of professionals involved in caregiving, including physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, physical therapists and clergy.

Attending the Rounds

Two to three clinicians from different disciplines give a brief presentation of a specific patient's clinical history including relevant information about the family situation, patient's attitude, and special circumstances. They then introduce the psychosocial issue that is the focus of the Rounds, which have included:

  • telling a patient it may be time to stop treatment

  • dealing with difficult or hostile families

  • caring for a colleague

  • when a patient "fires" you.


The rest of the hour is devoted to questions from the participants, and an exchange of experiences, thoughts and feelings in relation to the topic. Patient and caregiver confidentiality are maintained. Lunch is provided, so participants serve themselves as they arrive.

Compassionate Care

  • exploring the human dimensions of healthcare

  • enhancing communication among caregivers

  • promoting teamwork among caregivers

  • providing support to caregivers

  • giving caregivers knowledge and insight into non-clinical aspects of patient care

The Schwartz Center

The Schwartz Center in Boston started the Schwartz Rounds in 1997 - now they take place at nearly 100 sites around the country.

  • Mission

  • To support and advance compassionate health care in which caregivers, patients and their families relate to one another in a way that provides hope to the patient, support to caregivers and sustenance to the healing process


Contact Information

Jennifer Carmine
Phone: 413.794.3245
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Meeting Schedule

Second Monday of each month

Time: noon - 1:00 pm
Location: Chestnut 1 A&B