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Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee of Baystate Medical Center is a multidisciplinary, interdepartmental committee whose purpose is to:

  • advise
  • educate
  • provide case review
  • make policy recommendations.

We serve the Medical Center’s administration, medical staff, nursing staff, social service, other clinical staff and, when appropriate, to patients and their families. 

The Ethics Committee is comprised of ethicists, physicians, nurses, social workers, administrators, clergy, and residents who represent the Greater Springfield area as well as Baystate Medical Center itself.

Any member of the administration, medical staff, nursing staff, social service or other clinical staff of the Medical Center may request access to the Committee for case review, policy review or any other matter having ethical implications.  Any Medical Center patient, patient representative or patient's family member may request access for an individual case review.

Ethics Grand Rounds

The focus of Ethics Grand Rounds is medical ethics. Prior topics have included:

  • informed consent
  • end of life care and decision making
  • research ethics
  • dilemmas in reproductive medicine, pediatrics, infectious diseases, and genetics
  • the ethical challenges posed by a pandemic
  • religious and cultural diversity in health care.



Grand Rounds

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Ethics Consultation

To contact person on-call using Webpage: type in the last name "Ethics"