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Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship

This is a one-year fellowship program which is matched through NRMP. Fellowship applications are reviewed and downloaded only through The Fellowship Council.

The Baystate Medical Center Advanced MIS Fellowship offers an opportunity to acquire advanced MIS skills in all aspects of laparoscopy within an environment that fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between our fellows, the general surgery program, and the institution.

Baystate's Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Fellowship program aims to:

  • train you in a variety of advanced MIS techniques
  • provide further opportunity to learn cutting-edge MIS techniques via our da Vinci robot
  • develop your teaching abilities, particularly related to MIS
  • promote both basic and clinical research.

Tailor the MIS Fellowship to Suit Your Goals

  • Fellows can tailor their experience to meet their needs and desires and are strongly encouraged to undertake a clinical research project.
  • Fellows are able to operate across specialties such as urology, gynecology, transplant, GI, etc. and can tailor their fellowship experiences according to their goals. For example, you could obtain as much flexible endoscopy as desired, taught by a gastroenterologist, or intra-operative endoscopy taught by surgeons
  • Fellows receive a Tufts University School of Medicine faculty appointment.
Contact Information

Program Director
David B. Earle , MD
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Program Coordinator
Liana Rivera
759 Chestnut Street
Springfield MA, 01199
Phone: 413.794.3175
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