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Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship

A Multi-Year Experience in a Single Year

The Baystate Medical Center Advanced MIS Fellowship offers a one-year opportunity to acquire advanced MIS skills in all aspects of laparoscopy within an environment that fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between our fellows, the general surgery program, and the institution.

The Basics

Fellows are expected to:

  • go to the operating room at least 4 out of 5 days per week
  • attend clinic one day per week 
  • take approximately three general surgery attending calls per month
  • submit an abstract for the SAGES meeting (and hopefully get accepted!)
  • recently graduated residents are expected to pass their board examination (every fellow has passed since 2002!) 

Become a True Expert in Minimally Invasive General Surgery

Mastery of our craft will not come for a number of years after your fellowship, but the expertise developed during the fellowship year lays the ground work to gain mastery at a more rapid rate than would otherwise be possible. 

When you complete our fellowship, you will be a true expert in minimally invasive general surgery—from the outpatient setting, through the operating room, to all the nuts and bolts of practicing surgery, including interaction with referring providers, billing, risk management, etc.

Program Benefits

As a Fellow, you will have:

  • access to a wide variety of MIS general surgical procedures
  • opportunity to learn how to utilize our da Vinci robot
  • chance to develop your teaching abilities, particularly related to MIS
  • access to a treasure trove of clinical research data
  • ability to gain experience with NOTES procedures, including transvaginal cholecystectomy and POEM procedures
  • access to flexible endoscopy (upper and lower)
  • a Tufts University School of Medicine faculty appointment and an embroidered lab coat.

Tailor the MIS Fellowship to Suit Your Goals

You have the flexibility to fashion your fellowship experiences to meet your interests and needs.

Fellows are able to:

  • operate across specialties such as urology, gynecology, transplant, GI, etc.
  • undertake a clinical research project (this is strongly encouraged)
  • hone skill sets necessary for job prospects that become available. In the case of flexible endoscopy, the fellow may want to spend relatively more time in the endoscopy suite to be sure the skills are obtained before starting a job requiring those skills.

Interested? Go to the Fellowship Council website to fill out the application. We have been continuously accredited by the Fellowship Council since the accreditation process began. 

Contact Information

Program Director
David B. Earle , MD
Contact Us

Program Coordinator
Liana Rivera
759 Chestnut Street
Springfield MA, 01199
Phone: 413.794.3175
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