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International Emergency Medicine and Global Health Fellowship

The Tufts-Baystate International Emergency Medicine (IEM) and Global Health fellowship was created to meet the increasing worldwide demand for emergency medicine services and training. Our one-year IEM fellowship leverages our Emergency Medicine department’s core strengths in ultrasound, research, wilderness medicine, and resuscitation science to give you the skills, experience and knowledge you need for a career in international medicine.

Want to Make an Impact on Global Health?

As a fellow, you will learn about other cultures travelling to developing nations as part of international humanitarian relief efforts. Working side-by-side with clinicians, you will teach emergency medicine practice while gaining hands-on experience with international medicine.

As a graduate of our global health fellowship, your skills in cross-cultural collaboration and planning and developing emergency medical services, prepares you for a career in international health. You can also earn a certificate in Tropical Medicine from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Faculty With Years of Global Health Experience = Invaluable Training Opportunities

Our faculty's extensive connections in the international health field results in numerous collaborations that provide excellent opportunities for teaching, clinical work and research. 

Recent and Ongoing International Field Work


Since 1999 we have been working in partnership with Mexican Emergency Physicians, first responders and others to advance Emergency Medical care in Mexico.


We have been working in Mures County, Romania, in partnership with Serviciul Mobil de Urgenţǎ, Reanimare şi Descarcerare since 2000.


We have been working in Argentina since 2004 in partnership with the Sociedad Argentina de Emergencias (la SAE), and several hospitals based in Buenos Aires.


We have a long-standing humanitarian partnership with Hôpital Sacré Coeur (HSC) in the town of Milot.

Contact Information

Program Director
Aaron Hexdall MD
Phone: 413.794.5999
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Program Administrator
Tara Rivest
Phone: 413-794-3947
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Our Core Values of
Health Care Equality

Access to Emergency Medical Care is a universal human right.

Health care should be tailored to the needs of those receiving it.

Integration with local health care providers is crucial to the success of any international health care initiative.

The quality of care should constantly be evaluated using the principles of evidence-based practice.