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Course Brochures


April 2: Pain Management (download brochure)

April 3: Annual Victim Rights Seminar: Media Saturation, Sexual Violence and Toxic Stress (download brochure)

April 17: Practical Pediatrics (download brochure)

April 29: Annual Samuel D. Plotkin Cardiovascular Symposium (download brochure)

May 1 - 2: Annual Breastfeeding Conference (download brochure)

May 7: Annual Infectious Disease Symposium (download brochure)

May 9: Annual Cytopathology Symposium (download brochure)

June 12: Critical Incident Recovery Training (download brochure)

September 23: Pediatric Trauma (download brochure)

October 1-3: Controversies and Consensus in Emergency Medicine

October 17-19: Medicine and Pediatrics Conference (download brochure)

October 21: Mental Health Screening in Primary Care

October 22: Neonatal Intensive Care Conference (download brochure)

October 23-26: End of Life Care (download brochure)

October 30: Annual Neuroscience Symposium (download brochure)

November 5: Women's Health

November 13: Simulation in Health Care

December 5: HIV Symposium