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Surgery Publications - 2012

Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Alameddine A, Alimov V, Rousou J, Freeman J. Aorto-pulmonary artery disruption following acute type-A aortic dissection repair with the use of BioGlue®. J Card Surg 2012;27:371-373.
  • Alameddine AK, Alimov VK, Engelman D. Patent foramen ovale and embolic stroke "en flagrant délit". Am J Med Sci 2012;343:342.
  • Alameddine AK, Alimov VK, Gianturco LE, Deaton D. Myocardial abscess 14 years after coronary bypass grafting. Ann Thorac Surg 2012;94:267-268.
  • Alameddine AK, Rousou JA, Alimov VK. Mediastinal drain entrapment detected on computed tomography in 2 obese patients after median sternotomy. Tex Heart Inst J 2012;39:438-439.
  • Ali RG, Navaravong L, Cui J, Stoenescu M. An uncommon twist on Twiddler's syndrome. Conn Med 2012;76:81-83.
  • Dao H, Lee J, Kermani R, Minshall C, Eriksson EA, Gross R, Doben AR. Cervical spine injuries and helmet laws: A population-based study. J Trauma Acute Care Surg 2012;72:638-642.
  • Dennis AJ, Brandt MM, Steinberg J, Qureshi S, Burns JB, Capella J, Gross RI, Hammond J, Miller SF, Moront ML, O'Neill P, Sarani B, Sing RF. Are general surgeons behind the curve when it comes to disaster preparedness training? A survey of general surgery and emergency medicine trainees in the United States by the Eastern Association for the Surgery for Trauma Committee on Disaster Preparednes. J Trauma Acute Care Surg 2012;73:612-617.
  • Fernandez GL, Page DW, Coe NP, Lee PC, Patterson LA, Skylizard L, St Louis M, Amaral MH, Wait RB, Seymour NE. Boot cAMP: Educational outcomes after 4 successive years of preparatory simulation-based training at onset of internship. J Surg Educ 2012;69:242-248.
  • Francescone R, Scully S, Bentley B, Yan W, Taylor SL, Oh D, Moral L, Shao R. Glioblastoma-derived tumor cells induce vasculogenic mimicry through Flk-1 protein activation. J Biol Chem 2012;287:24821-24831.
  • Jabiev AA, Lew JI, Garb JL, Sanchez YM, Solorzano CC. Primary hyperparathyroidism in the underinsured: a study of 493 patients. Surgery 2012;151:471-476.
  • Lee BT, Duggan MM, Keenan MT, Kamatkar S, Quinlan RM, Hergrueter CA, Hertl MC, Shin JH, Truppin NB, Chun YS, Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine Expert Panel on Immediate Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction following Mastectomy for Cancer. Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine expert panel on immediate implant-based breast reconstruction following mastectomy for cancer: Executive summary, June 2011. J Am Coll Surg 2011;213:800-805.
  • Lee J, Moriarty KP, Tashjian DB. Less is more: management of pediatric splenic injury. Arch Surg 2012;147:437-441.
  • Lee J, Tashjian DB, Moriarty KP. Is partial colectomy the operation of choice in pediatric Clostridium difficile colitis?. Pediatr Surg Int 2012;28:603-607.
  • Lee J, Tashjian DB, Moriarty KP. Missed opportunities in the treatment of pediatric appendicitis. Pediatr Surg Int 2012;28:697-701.
  • Liu X, Lagoy A, Discenza I, Papineau G, Lewis E, Braden G, Romanelli J, Braun B, Silva JE. Metabolic and neuroendocrine responses to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. I: Energy balance, metabolic changes, and fat loss. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2012;97:E1440-E1450.
  • Michetti CP, Fakhry SM, Ferguson PL, Cook A, Moore FO, Gross R, AAST, Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Investigators. Ventilator-associated pneumonia rates at major trauma centers compared with a national benchmark: A multi-institutional study of the AAST. J Trauma Acute Care Surg 2012;72:1165-1173.
  • Miele WR, Schirmer CM, Yao KC, Heilman CB. Spontaneous resolution of a Chiari malformation Type I and syrinx after supratentorial craniotomy for excision of a cavernous malformation. J Neurosurg 2012;116:1054-1059.
  • Navaravong L, Ali RG, Giugliano GR. Acute renal artery occlusion: making the case for renal artery revascularization. Cardiovasc Revasc Med 2011;12:399-402.
  • Prieto-Granada C, Setia N, Refermat D, Henneberry J. A large tumor on the right forearm. J Am Acad Dermatol 2012;66:e149-e150.
  • Rankins KB, McGovern R, Winston ES, Al-Dulaimy K, Pope JH. Abdominal anaphylaxis presenting as trauma: a recipe for delayed diagnosis. J Emerg Med 2012;43:630-633.
  • Roshan B, Ganda OP, Desilva R, Ganim RB, Ward E, Haessler SD, Polisecki EY, Asztalos BF, Schaefer EJ. Homozygous lecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase (LCAT) deficiency due to a new loss of function mutation and review of the literature. J Clin Lipidol 2011;5:493-499.
  • Schirmer CM, Kornbluth J, Heilman CB, Bhardwaj A. Gastrointestinal prophylaxis in neurocritical care. Neurocrit Care 2012;16:184-193.
  • Scully S, Francescone R, Faibish M, Bentley B, Taylor SL, Oh D, Schapiro R, Moral L, Yan W, Shao R. Transdifferentiation of glioblastoma stem-like cells into mural cells drives vasculogenic mimicry in glioblastomas. J Neurosci 2012;32:12950-12960.
  • Shao R, Scully SJ, Jr Yan W, Bentley B, Mueller J, Brown C, Bigelow C, Schwartz L. The novel lupus antigen related protein acheron enhances the development of human breast cancer. Int J Cancer 2012;130:544-554.
  • Stefan MS, Belforti RK, Langlois G, Rothberg MB. A simulation-based program to train medical residents to lead and perform advanced cardiovascular life support. Hosp Pract (Minneap) 2011;39:63-69.
  • van der Wilden GM, Velmahos GC, Emhoff T, Brancato S, Adams C, Georgakis G, Jacobs L, Gross R, Agarwal S, Burke P, Maung AA, Johnson DC, Winchell R, Gates J, Cholewczynski W, Rosenblatt M, Chang Y. Successful nonoperative management of the most severe blunt liver injuries: a multicenter study of the research consortium of new England centers for trauma. Arch Surg 2012;147:423-428.

Book Chapters

  • Earle D, Evans J. Endoscopic Component Separation. In Vernon A, Ashley S (editors). Atlas of Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques. Elsevier, 2012.
  • Earle D, Valsdottir E, Marks J. Common Complications and Management. In Tichansky D, Morton J, Jones D (editors). The SAGES Manual of Quality, Outcomes and Management. Springer, 2012.
  • Earle D. Ventral Hernia. In Wexner S, Fleshman J (editors). Colon and Rectal Surgery: Abdominal Operations. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2011.
  • Fernandez G, Seymour N. Development and Operation of a Simulation Laboratory at a Major Medical Center. In Robertson H, Paige J, Bok L (editors). Simulation in Radiology. Oxford University Press, 2012.

Research Presentations

  • 19th Annual NESS Surgical Resident and Fellow Research Presentation Day. Lee J, Tashjian D, Moriarty K. Surgical management of pediatric adhesive bowel obstruction. Farmington, CT. , 2012.
  • 21st Annual International Congress for Endosurgery in Children. Lee J, Tashjian D, Moriarty K. Pediatric ureteropelvic junction obstruction. San Diego, CA. , 2012.
  • 21st Annual International Congress for Endosurgery in Children. Lee J, Tashjian D, Moriarty K. Surgical management of pediatric adhesive bowel obstruction. San Diego, CA. , 2012.
  • 21st Annual International Congress for Endosurgery in Children. Lee J, Tashjian D, Moriarty K. Surgical management of pediatric emphysema. San Diego, CA. , 2012.
  • American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition. Lee J, Isong I, Tashjian D, Moriarty K. Child abuse and neglect in the United States. New Orleans, LA. , 2012.
  • American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition. Lee J, Tashjian D, Moriarty K. Pediatric pancreatitis in the era of obesity. New Orleans, LA. , 2012.
  • International Anesthesia Research Society. Raghunathan K, Gibson C, McGee W, Thanawala R, Hochheiser G, Ganim R. Observational study of functional hemodynamics during one lung ventilation. Boston, MA. May 18-May 21, 2012. Poster presentation.