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Evrim Erdogan, PhD

Pathology Department
  • Assistant Professor of Pathology, Tufts University School of Medicine
  • Medical Director, Clinical Chemistry & Point of Care Testing
Department of Pathology
759 Chestnut Street
Springfield, MA 01199
  • Clinical Chemistry Fellowship
    Mass Spectrometry Laboratories
    University of Utah and ARUP Laboratories
    Department of Pathology
    Salt Lake City, UT
  • PhD, Clinical-Bioanalytical Chemistry
    Cleveland State University, Chemistry Department
    Cleveland, OH
  • BS, Chemistry
    Istanbul University Engineering Faculty, Chemistry Department
    Istanbul, Turkey


Honors and Awards
  • Mass Spectrometry Applications in Clinical Laboratory (MSACL) Travel Award, 2010
  • American Association of Clinical Chemistry Student Travel Award, 2009
Professional Service
  • Member, American Association of Clinical Chemistry
  • Member, Society for Young Clinical Laboratorians
  • Member, Academy of Clinical Laboratory Physicians and Scientists
  • Member, Canadian Academy of Clinical Biochemistry
  • Josenia N.M. Tan, Martin H. Kroll, Carl J. O’Hara, Peter C. Everett, Evrim Erdogan. Gamma Heavy Chain Disease in a Patient with Underlying Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma of the Thyroid; Report of a Case and Comparison with Other Reported Cases with Thyroid Involvement. Clinica Chimica Acta. 2012 Apr 25. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Evrim Erdogan, Gordon J. Nelson, Alan L. Rockwood, Elizabeth L. Frank. Evaluation of reference intervals for methylmalonic acid in plasma/serum and urine. Clin. Chim.Acta. 2010; 411(21-22):1827-9.
  • Evrim Erdogan. Vitamin D, an overview. ASCP Check Sample, Clinical Chemistry. 2010 50(1):1-14.
  • Mark M. Kushnir, Evrim Erdogan, Takara L. Blamires, Binfang Yue, William L. Roberts, A. Wayne Meikle, and Alan L. Rockwood. LC-MS/MS method for simultaneous measurement of androstenedione, testosterone and DHEA in serum.  Clin Chem. 2010 56(7):1138-47.
  • Tanya Sandrock, Alan Terry, Jeff Martin, Evrim Erdogan, and Wayne Meikle. Detection of Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulins using Enzyme Fragment Complementation. Clin Chem. 2008 54(8):1401-2.
  • Jamila Hirbawi, Michael A. Bukys, Melissa A. Barhoover, Evrim Erdogan, and Michael Kalafatis. Role of the acidic hirudin-like COOH-terminal amino acid region of factor Va heavy chain in the enhanced function of prothrombinase. Biochemistry. 2008 47:7963-74.
  • Evrim Erdogan, Michael A. Bukys and Michael Kalafatis. The contribution of amino acid residues 1508-1515 of factor V to light chain generation. J Thromb Haemost. 2008 6:118-24.