Internal Medicine Residents Participate in American College of Physicians Chapter Meeting

December 01, 2012
Baystate Anesthesiology residents at the 2012 ASA meeting
Baystate Residents and Faculty at 2012 Massachusetts Chapter of the American College of Physicians Meeting
Back row: Behdad Besharatian, Iheanyichukwu Ogu, Ashish Verma (faculty), Mihaela Stefan (faculty), Mohammed Albugeaey, Anna Stepczynski, Adam Holers (Med-Peds), Shin Lee, Senthil Sivalingam (Cardiology Fellow), Mohammad Kashef
Front row: Melissa Loh, Yee Ang, Maharabe Ariyaratne (research assistant), Jasmine Paadam (faculty)

Baystate Internal medicine residents contributed 18 abstracts and 1 oral presentation for the 2012 Annual Scientific Meeting of the Massachusetts Chapter of the American College of Physicians in Waltham on November 3, 2012.

Third year resident Jorge Velez, MD had the top Clinical Vignette and will be presenting at the ACP national meeting.

Resident Project Name
Mohammed Albugeaey
  • When Tube Feeds Result in Weight Loss
    (Honorable Mention, Clinical Vignette)
Sonali Arora
  • Calcific Tendonitis of Longus colli – A potential for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Pitfalls
Auras Atreya
  • Double Trouble: Heart & Lung in Distress!
  • Predictors of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Patients Undergoing Elective Cardiac Catheterization for Chronic Ischemic Heart Disease
    (Honorable Mention, Research Poster)
Behdad Besharatian
  • Pulmonary Cryptococcosis: An Unlikely Pathogen
Vijay Gadiraju
  • Isolated Right-sided Heart Failure Secondary to Thyrotoxicosis
Randa Jaber
  • Chronic Opiate Therapy and Non-specific Abdominal Pain
Payal Jhawar
  • Scurvy from "Too Much Coca-Cola" in a Malnourished and Bipolar Woman
Mohammad Amin Kashef
  • Induced Brugada-type Electrocardiogram in a Near Fatal Flecainide Overdose
Eimear Kitt
  • A Stroke of Death: Artery of Percheron Syndrome
Shin Yin Lee
  • Spontaneous Atraumatic Splenic Hemorrhage
Alina Livshits
  • A Rare Case of a Hemorrhagic Spinal Cord cavernoma
Kah Poh Loh
  • Malignant Neurocardiogenic Vasovagal Syncope - An Uncommon Cardiovascular Complication of Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery: The Fainting Syndrome!
Iheanyichukwu Ogu
  • Blood Pressure Dysregulation Secondary to Tizanidine: Importance of Medication Review
Vijairam Selvaraj
  • Pisa Syndrome with Altered Mental Status Secondary to Risperidone and Donepezil: A Case Report
Daniel Soule
  • Vancomycin and Daptomycin Induced Acute Generalized Exanthematous Pustulosis in a Woman With Family History of Psoriasis
Anna Stepczynski
  • “Cryptic” Meningoencephalitis
Dhivya Sundaramurthy
  • Esomeprazole-induced Hypomagnesemia , Parathyroid hormone resistance and Tetany
    (Honorable Mention, Clinical Vignette)
Jorge Velez Garza
  • A Suffocating Bleed
    (Winner, Abstract Oral Presentation)
Khalid Zarug
  • Painful Shoulder and Altered Mental Status in an Elderly