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Nursing Research Counci Selects 2 Baystate Nurses to be Clinical Research Scholars

July 01, 2012

The Nursing Research Council has selected Yolanda DaCosta-Nwosu, RN and Kim Dziel, RN as Clinical Research Scholars for the Staff Nurse Mentor Program in Evidence-based Practice. This program is a year long, partially funded mentor program that supports staff nurses who want to improve bedside practice using EBP processes.

  • Ms. DaCosta-Nwosu and her team from Mason Center Neighborhood Health Center are focused on “Reduction in Hga1c Levels through Community Clinic Nurse led Patient Education in Type 2 Diabetes Care”.
  • Ms. Dziel and her team from Springfield 6400 are centered on “A Study to Improve Anticoagulation Safety for our Patients on our Unit by Educating Nurses”.