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2013 Summer Scholars Present Research Findings

September 01, 2013
Baystate Summer Student Scholars 2013
Front Row: Elizabeth Tarbox, Kristen Hinchey, Jane Garb, Julie Eccelston, Benjamin Goldman, Maxine Dudek, Erin Amato, Joseph Volk, Rebecca Blanchard, PhD, Patrick Tolosky. 
Back Row:  Paul Visintainer, PhD, Talia Jackowitz, Phinnara Has, Brendan Prast, Stephen Grow, Alex Knee, Jennifer Friderici

Eleven Scholars from eight institutions participated in the Baystate Summer Scholars program this summer.  The 10‑week summer program provided Scholars with exposure to the fundamentals of clinical research design and conduct in a synergistic environment while assisting BMC clinical faculty in conducting research.

br> The program was run under the direction of Paul Visintainer, PhD and Rebecca Blanchard, PhD in collaboration with the Epidemiology and Biostatistics Core Research staff and Phinnara Has, UMass Amherst graduate student. 

Faculty members Katharine White, Richard Arenas, Howard Smithline, Donald Kirton, Tara Lagu, Linda Canty, Sarah Goff, and Rachana Singh were mentors to this year's scholars.

The Scholars presented their research findings to mentors, faculty and staff at the Chestnut Conference Center on August 7 & 8, 2013.